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Moon Phase Necklaces and Keychains

Select the month, date and year of a birthday, anniversary or memorial date to see the phase of the moon on that day.

Timeless Treasures
Your Moon Phase ™ moon phase jewelry and gifts are timeless treasures that illustrate what the moon looked like on any particular date.   What did the moon like on your birthday,  your anniversary or your special memorial date?  Give the gift of the moon!  Your moon phase necklace, moon phase keychain and moon phase prints are the ultimate keepsake gift that will last a lifetime.


Moon Phases
Your moon phase is determined by data provided by the US Naval Observatory and illustrated by one of our 16 different moon phase images.  Our mathematician developed algorithm for determining your moon phase using our 16 moon phase images is as accurate as possible.  So rest assured that this is what the moon looked like on your special date! Click here to see your moon phase chart.


USA Quality
All of our products are produced directly by our in-house artisans here in the USA!  Our moon phase images are very highly detailed and precision printed to insure accuracy.  All metals are lead and nickel free.